31 October 2015

Review from Sangwitok Zine (Malaysia)

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1- TARANTULAH - Promo 2012 
 Date: 3 November 2012
First things that caught my attention when their music touch my ears is that Azmaniak of Langsuyr hahaa.. Yes indeed and its not about the music but the vocalist hehee.. Their vocal style almost similar even both are also sharing the same name which is Man but then Tarantulah one is Man Rabaxx hahaa.. His vocals almost like Azmaniac except more harsh and rough. Ok lets talk about their music. Hmm.. its a Raw Rawk Rabaxx as mentioned in their bio. Ahh.. at first I thought this shit might be somekind of Grindcore or Death Metal madness. Well its quite different than what I've expected. Raw Rawk Rabaxx. Well it was indeed very much Raw kinda approached. As for Rawk or Rock, I would say it was rather a mixture of Thrash and Death Metal not really Rock. And the Rabaxx or rough, I would definitely say YES my bro hahaa.. Ok 2 trax available in this Promo which I think quite harsh and a bit rebellious hahaa.. Refering to the traxtitle such as Hak Kita(Our Right) and Pukul Mereka Dalam Diam(Beat Them In Your Silence) really showing how hatred and anger was dominated in most of their songs. Well I dont want to talk about the political ideology or life philosophy. Maybe Tarantulah got their own views about certain issues and I respect that. Anyway I was quite curious as to why that shit Masihkah Kau Ingat songs from our local pop band Kopratasa was played as an intro and outro. Man rabaxx should have the answer I guess hehee.. So for those of you who are so particular about perfect recording sounds then I suggest dont try this at home hahaa.. It will bleed your ears hahaa.. Hmm.. latest info that I heard that they have already unleashed new opus. An EP or album I'm not so sure. Anyway just get that new shit then enjoy their so called Raw Rawk Rabaxx blasphemy hahaa.. Only from tarantulah83@gmail.com ~ Mr Ed Sangwitok

Source:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i6HT3_viNXQTARANTULAH - War Brutality (2014) 

2.  TARANTULAH - War Brutality (2014) 
Date: 24 Oct.2014

Hah, when Punk meet Metal then you will get War Brutality. Yes indeed and I think Tarantulah did a very good job in this latest opus. By the way my thx goes Man Rabaxxx the frontman of Tarantulah for sending me this interesting stuffs. Ok, as I mentioned above this is actually a Punk stuffs but being blended by the heavy and brutal Metal riffs. You can have both elements in most of the trax. The catchy marching beat of Punk managed to beautified those harsh and raging Metal riffs. I think Man and his komrad managed to make a clear remark of how Tarantulah musical direction. They are not only metallers yet also a Punk music lover hahaa.. Ok, lets talk about this shit stuff. Hmm.. it was released by Sisa Toksick Prod for Malaysian scene. By the way for your info this shit demo also managed to penetrated Belarus and Brazil ug scene. Hah, quite impressive and I think Tarantulah really serious to promote their name to the foreign scene. Latest, they were also released this demo in cassette format under DIY Distro & Rec. Ok, we have 6 trax in this demo which I think quite interesting hahaa.. Well its not about the music but the intro in each of the trax. Those short intros at the beginning of the trax seems like a short summary of the content. Well I dont deny that this kind of style not that new to us and being used by so many bands especially Grindcore. Anyway what make this kind of style very interesting and special is that the type of sampling being used which sometimes quite funny, sad, angry, sexy and many more which I'm fukkin sure it has their own messages to delivered. Well Tarantulah did a very good job in this parts. Ok, one advise for the band is pls improve your sounds recording and mixing in the next opus. Sometimes it shows how serious and good we are in our job when things that we do become better from times to times. I do understand that budget might be one of the reason. Well maybe it was also their intention to make it raw, dirty and rusty. Who knows? Hahaa.. Anyway some improvement needed to ensure the quality of our materials at the best level right? So wanna know more just ask at tarantulah2012@gmail.com ~ Mr Ed Sangwitok

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MkKs-cJeXbc

3. TARANTULAH - Human's Suffer (Demo 2015) 
Date: 30 May 2015

Hah, Moderate Metal Punk is back again! Yes indeed, Tarantulah is back with the new opus of Human's Suffer. Hmm.. I do agree with the title as we can see these days that human are suffering everywhere. Most of them are facing the tribulation of war and genocide for example Palestine & Rohingya. Some others are suffering due to the mental illness and disease. Hmm.. it seems that HS contain a very heavy humanitarian issues and it was desecrated perfectly to the underground scene. I guess not much undergrounders really care or concern on this things. Anyway those who are open minded shall understand of what is Tarantulah trying to deliver thru this new stuff. Hmm.. I think its a kind of trademark for Tarantulah to talk about this kind of issues in their songs. Such issues sometimes really close to us where we face it in our daily life. Hah, I was so glad to see such a brave band to talk about this kind of shitty things which was some of metalheads refuse to talk about it in their music even in their interviews hahaa.. By the way thx so much to the band for sending me this awesome stuff. So, the content of each songs sounds quite serious yet the music still remain the same as before which is very much catchy banging tunes. Yes indeed, it still blended by the Punk influenced in the heavy harsh Metal riffs. The sounds still the same as before which is raw and rusty. Well, I guess it was their intention to produces such a raw sounds. Hah, sometimes it reminds me of the old days of demo stuffs which being recorded live in the jamming studio hahaa.. I guess surely you know how was the sounds right? Dual vocalist of harsh growling and screeching screams. Well, sometimes a bit disturbing due to it was louder than the music. Hah, hopefully they can do something about this shit in the future releases hahaa.. Hmm.. another things that I'm fukkin sure being their favourite is the intro and outro at each of the songs. Hah, some of the dialogue quite catchy and interesting which definitely related to the content of the songs. By listening to the intro then you shall know what was the songs really talk about. Hah, that dialogue from Ibrahim Din (Do Re Mi) was so catchy and funny. Well done bro! So, we have 6 trax in this opus which is trax 1 to 4 is the new songs while trax 5 is taken from the 1st demo and the last trax is the cover song from Sepultura - Troops Of Doom. By the way the packaging was so weird yet creative as it was almost like a DVD cover style. Ok, thats all punks. The CD was unleashed by Sisa Toxsick Prod. So, go and grab this CD now and try to understand the points that they wanted you to know. tarantulah2012@gmail.com ~ Mr Ed Sangwitok

Source:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KaEloYr4Brk