07 April 2013

Trades with Our demo (Kedamaian Jalan Hitam)

Split - Goatlusting Chaos/ Reciful Esruc- got this tape from Nizam Saktee (Goatlusting Chaos)

Vrykolakas- got this cd From Khairil (Vrykolakas)
Metal Possesion Compilation - got this cd from Ezza Aiza (Diamond Trooper Entertainment)

Disobeyed - Demonic war - got this cd from Ami Kharnaen (Lahad Datu)

Aswang-Hellelujah -got this cd from Ami Kharnaen (Lahad Datu)
Devastator-Christ Devastation - got this cd from Masz Destructor (Violator/Night Art Production)
 Blast From The East Compilation - Got this from Mr.Muniff (Metal Porn Production)
Thanks for trade. All your stuffs friends much better than our demo. Thank for doing trades!