31 March 2013

-Review by Julia's Gig Review (UK)-

Tarantulah are a four-piece metal band from Malaysia. ‘Kedamaian Jalan Hitam’, which translates to ‘Peace Way Black’ in English, is their first four track raw demo. ‘Viva La Peace’ is the first track on the EP, which has a very distorted sound to it and features heavy shouting vocals. ‘Pukul Mereka Dalam Diam’ opens with the sound of sirens and progresses into brutal thrash riffs and grunting vocals from lead singer Man Rabaxx. The third track is also very distorted, adding to the raw vibe of the EP. The final track ‘Durjana Si Dajjal’ features more thrash guitar riffs and harsh vocals. All in all, ‘Kedamaian Jalan Hitam’ proves that metal can be found in countries all over the world and it doesn’t always need to be edited and mastered. 
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